interop ITX 2017 in a nutshell

The interopITX is a world famous congress for IT experts. When I listened to as many of them as I could I did it from a Human Resources Management perspective of course – and found confirmed what I have always been convinced of: Humans are key!

Here you find a list of statements, that I find very useful as orientation marks when you are about to manage digital transformation in disruptive times:

  • The best technology is useless if it’s not used by the employees.
  • A CIO is not a Digital Officer.
  • The upcoming generation of the workforce was born after Google. We are training them to old ways of doing jobs and business.
  • Stand up and be disruptive when business still performs.
  • Real understanding is key to acceptance. It comes from empathy.
  • Opportunities lie in complex systems.
  • Experience brings engagement.
  • What idea to pick? There are so many… You need a frame!
  • Everyone tells you that diversity is needed. But as a woman you don’t get the same credit as men do.
  • You might to have change things: Not tell an individual that she has to speak up because that’s how we make meetings here.
  • Go and play a new game rather than playing the game.
  • Use technology to your own advantage.
  • Demographic is changing. So will your customers. More diversity will help to include upcoming customers as early as possible.
  • „Action expresses priorities.“ (Gandhi)
  • Data understands customers better than they understand themselves.
  • Do not get all information on how to be successful with analytics from vendors.
  • Org charts are not the boss of you.
  • People come to you with problems? That is a sign for change and that you are a well trusted boss which is critical for a successful transformation.
  • Channel your inner child: If there is a No! ask Why?
  • Engage with constituents on a regular basis!
  • As a technician stop referring to your internal colleagues as your customer!
  • When it comes to talent focus on meaningful conversations.
  • A HIPPO is a highest paid person’s opinion. 3 public available data will give you the same.
  • Main topic for analysts and consultants: How to ensure that the user acts according to your advice?
  • Always ask for the usefulness of data: How realistic can we response in real time?
  • The best answer may take too long: approximating is good enough.

Last but not least:
Is there a female perspective to all of it? Certainly there is, and each and every organization, whether it’s a profit or a non-profit one, should ask for the women’s points of view and embrace them to develop the business. And get me right: To have one woman at the top for window dressing and shut out the rest is shutting out half of your potential abilities for solution finding. That seems to be odd and dangerous, especially in the volatile times we are in right now.

Stay curious!


Dr. Sabine M. Fischer, founder and owner of SYMFONY Consulting.
Business focus on consultancy for retail industry, education, and empowerment of women in companies and politics.
Graduated from the Vienna University of Economics and Business.
Consultant for organizational development based on the diversity of human potentials. Facilitator for interactive self-organized group work within organizations (non-profit and profit). Lecturer and trainer on Bachelor and Master level in Business Administration, Strategies and Human Resources Management.
Elected representative of those members of the Austrian Economic Chambers who do business consultancy, accountancy, and information technology in Vienna (Viennese Economic Chamber) and in Austria (Federal Economic Chamber). Head of Viennese task force “Smart Manufacturing – Capability for Change: The Human Factor”.

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