Sisterhood or Bitchiness?

„Competition among Women“ is a topic that women usually avoid for not giving the opportunity to distract from the main difficulties of women when trying to succeed in companies and to get on top of the career ladder. Because „bitchiness“ is an easy cover for the competition that is ongoing between men and women for the most wanted top-positions. Still it’s more often the old-boy’s-network that hinder women to get on top than other women. Simply because there are still more male decision makers than female. 

So one aspect in the discussion could be in what way the men take advantage of bitchiness for hindering female careers. And another aspect how women could improve their sisterhood to stand against the boy’s networks.

However –  it’s an hot issue worth discussing it among women. Therefore I deeply recommend the Meeting of the Revoulutionary Sisters on October 17th, 2013, from 6:30 on.

And what is your position, what are your experiences? Make a comment – in German or in English – and share your thoughts with us!